Project Team & Partners

Pernille Steen Pedersen is the project coordinator and responsible for planning, conducting and managing the empirical investigation, developing the theoretical framework around shame-related stress and developing and testing activities. The project is organized in three different units: Project Group, Forum for Dialogue with a Student Research Panel and Collaborators. The participants of these groups covers 4 categories: Researchers, students, CBS staff, and external stakeholders. Throughout the project there will be a close collaboration with the Study Administration at CBS.

Project Group

The project group meets approximately every other month and discusses research activities and the project's progress. The group consists of:

The Student Network and Forum for Dialogue

Forum for Dialogue is a central function in the research design and is created primarily as a network for and with the students that are a part of the project. Through this Forum hosted at CBS Canvas, participating students will form a Student Research Panel and be closely involved in the research process as well as the development and testing of new stress-preventative measures and activities as we go along. It is meant as a site for interaction, sharing and gathering knowledge. At the project start agreements have been made with 40 students, but this number keeps increasing and more students are always welcome. Additionally, the Forum will also invite researchers, teachers and administrative staff to participate in the ongoing dialogue, either due to a specific knowledge and expertise or because of an interest to participate in the project and the issue of stress among students. Anyone interested in participating are welcome to contact Pernille Steen Pedersen. Read more about student participation in the research and stress prevention at CBS under Student Network and for more information about specific meetings and collaborations see the Project Log.

The Study Administration

The Study Administration (Studieadministrationen) at CBS is primary partner in the project. Pernille Steen Pedersen has regular meeting with several staff members of the Study Administration on their shared agenda of student well-being. Since the well-being of CBS students is one of the core focus areas for the Study Administration, they already have several initiatives to assist students who experience stress and other challenges that influence their well-being and studies. For example, Student Coaches offers one-to-one counseling to students, the team makes campaigns on social media on topics related to well-being and stress, and as a response to the increasing challenges during the pandemic, they have initiated an impactful initiative called "Well-being Ambassadors". This is a group consisting of about 100 students who is supporting other students on issues with lack of motivation and loneliness. The Study Administration continuously carry out different initiatives that supports and improves the general study environment. Through their daily work, the staff in the Study Administration know first hand the kind of challenges students experience with stress and lack of well-being. Their experience, insights and ideas are therefore important to this research project. Their work will inform Pedersen's research and in turn, the research project will also contribute to their work. In order to thoroughly explore the characteristics of stress among students and to develop new measures that can prove impactful, collaboration between the bodies at CBS that work with student well-being is essential. We therefore consider the close collaboration between Pernille Steen Pedersen, the research team, the students, and the Study Administration, not only necessary to achieve the project objectives, but also a great strength of the project. 


Lastly, the project engages with a wide range of sparring partners and collaborators across disciplines, staff functions and expertise at CBS as well as external stakeholders. The collaboration can take different forms, but includes ongoing dialogues and meetings around different topics of shared interest. The group, for example, includes:
  • Anne M. Lykkegaard, Journalist, CBS Wire
  • Ad de Jong, Professor, Department of Marketing
  • Christoph Viebig, Ph.D. fellow, MPP
  • Christina Lubinski, Professor, MPP
  • Dorte Madsen, Associate Professor, Department of Management, Society and Communication
  • Frank Humle, CEO, Center for Hjerneskade/Rehabilitation of Brain Injury
  • Jes Vissing Tiedemann, Director, Foreningen Nydansker
  • Marie Arnbak-Hartzberg, Ph.d. fellow, Department of Organisation
  • Rasmus Johnsen, Associate Dean of Lifelong Learning, MPP
  • Sabba Mirza, Founder, My Law Story
  • Signe Tønnesen Bergmann, Special Consultant, Lederne
  • Sine Zambach, Postdoc, Department of Digitalization
  • Trine Bille, Professor, MPP
  • Troels Krarup, Postdoc, Institute of Sociology, Copenhagen University
More people will be included as we go along.

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