Workshop on Ownership, Regulation and Creative Destruction

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On June 3-4 Center for Corporate Governance, Copenhagen Business School, holds the workshop “Ownership, Regulation and Creative Destruction”. It is increasingly understood that economic growth must to a large degree come from what Joseph Schumpeter called “creative destruction”. It is also understood that governance and institutions shape and sometimes suppress this process. The workshop intends to examine how it is shaped by corporate ownership structure and government regulation. Current policy discussions focus on growth in which creative destruction is known to play a large part. Corporate blockholders may both support the process by investing in long run business Development and impede it by reinvesting to maintain the status quo. Similarly regulation may provide property rights and legal infrastructure that is conducive to growth, but it may also increase costs and reduce flexibility. After the financial crisis regulators have been criticized for capital requirements and financial policies that block business lending and risk taking in the financial sector. This may lead to barriers to innovation and creative destruction.

Last updated by: Center for Corporate Governance 19/05/2014